The backing of Expanscience Laboratories

100% family-owned pharmaceuticals and cosmetics laboratory, Expanscience has acknowledged expertise in treating arthritis and in skincare, particularly for babies, teenagers and pregnant women.

Piasclédine 300 and Mustela are leading brands in France, as well as – increasingly – throughout the rest of the world.

How the cutaneous barrier and the human epidermis develop, as well as cartilage, are one of the main areas of expertise on which our centre for research and development is focused.

Our core business is people’s health and their well-being. In line with these aims, our company has adopted an active corporate social responsibility approach (CSR), factoring in the impact that our business has on people and the environment.

At Expanscience, this approach involves a policy whereby we source our raw plant matter supplies in ways that do not harm the farmers and the countries that produce them, and we adopt a more environmentally-friendly approach to our product design. Our research and development involves all our expertise in plant extraction so that we can adopt a safe and well-reasoned approach to developing new active plant ingredients.   

CSR is one of the things that drives innovation and helps to set us apart. It also helps us strengthen and develop the roles that we play in demo-cosmetics, rheumatology and dermatology on the world’s international markets. Based in the Eure-et-Loir département, our R&D centre and production site serve as the best possible guarantee that our products are actually manufactured in France

Laboratoires Expanscience in figures

  • Date created: 1950
  • 2012 turnover: €240.5 million
  • 84 distributing countries
  • 10 subsidiaries
  • Number of employees : 871
  • 56 million products manufactured

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